How to Prepare your Property for a Post-Covid Sale

How to Prepare your Property for a Post-Covid Sale?

The world is a different place as most of the world is in anticipation of getting the first experience of the Covid-19 vaccine. You will especially find it hard to sell your property in this era. Before you learn how to prepare for a post-Covid sale, it is important to know what challenges exist in this era.

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Potential Challenges

Some of the potential challenges you can expect to face when selling your property during these times can include the following:

  • It is increasingly a market with less interest and more serious buyers
  • Expect new disclosures and addenda
  • Expect delays

There are many more unexpected challenges that you may face while trying to sell your home.

Addressing the Challenges

We recommend the following tips to prepare your property and address both the unexpected and expected challenges for a post-Covid sale.

Upgrade Outdoor Areas

To prospective buyers, outdoor space has become much more important than ever before. The reason is simple – people have spent so much time indoors during the lockdown. For example, pools have become more popular even in areas where they weren’t in so much demand.

You can make small landscaping upgrades that can be enough to make a huge difference. For example, you can add an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit. You may also consider adding a pool if you already don’t have it.

Create a Home Gym

Many have stopped going to the gym and prefer working out at home. So many potential buyers will prefer buying a home with an included gym. Potential homebuyers are also seeking properties with space for gym equipment. Even if you don’t have a home gym, you can create space for it. This can allow buyers to picture their gym.

Create a Home Office

A significant percentage of people took to working from home during the peak of the pandemic. And it will be some time before many of them will be heading back to the office. Many homebuyers are ready to pay a premium for homes retrofitted with well-designed office space.

People prefer specially designed office space where they can engage in calls with multiple people. Such space can also facilitate kids attending their classes virtually. More people realize how challenging it can be to conduct office work from their home. Having a dedicated home office space can make a huge difference in their lives. Some of the more steps you can take include:

  • Adding separation of space
  • Give a guest house or in-law suite a makeover
  • Enhance the laundry room
  • Allow potential buyers to experience your home online

You can also deep clean the interior and revamp the entryway, organize the pantries and closets, declutter, and engage in affordable and simple curb appeal projects.

There are many more upgrades that can help you prepare your property for a successful sale in a post-Covid era. At Belmares Properties, we can not only suggest the right upgrades, but we can also help speed up the sale using proven tactics. Besides, we can also assist you in getting the best deal.

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