Latest Housing Market Direction in San Antonio

Latest Housing Market Direction in San Antonio

San Antonio continues to be a lucrative real estate market for investors. Particularly, the northwestern part of this city, located in Texas, appears to be a hidden gem. Property prices continue to rise in San Antonio, which makes real estate investment a viable way to grow your assets.

Interestingly, this city finds its name among the top ten metros in the USA. Between 2010 and 2020, it witnessed a massive population gain. In the last decade, the city ranks in the seventh position in terms of population growth, standing behind Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin. Naturally, the real estate infrastructure looks impressive in San Antonio. We, at Belmares Properties, assist prospective investors choose the right properties. You can reach out to us for any kind of assistance regarding real estate purchases.

Northwest San Antonio Real estate market in 2022

In 2022, the real estate market in San Antonio is likely to outperform other cities in Texas. Experts predict that property prices will rise by 3.5% this year. San Antonio was listed by Curbed just two years ago as one of the top five cities where investors would find real estate investments lucrative.

  • SABOR (San Antonio Board of Realtors) reveals that in San Antonio, single-family homes witnessed a 19% increment in their median prices over the last years. This trend is likely to dominate the city’s real estate markets even in 2022.
  • There has been a 59% increment in the average property value over the last five years in San Antonio. The Dominion happens to be the most expensive area in San Antonio among 179 neighborhoods in the city. Here, the median listing price is close to $799,900. Evidently, this turns out to be a lucrative opportunity for real estate investors and owners.
  • Highland Hills is another neighborhood in the city, which comes under the affordable category. Here, the median listing price for homes is around $170,000.

  All these statistics reveal that the property market in San Antonio is likely to grow in the coming years. The northwestern parts of the city are also likely to witness this increasing trend, much to the benefit of real estate investors.

Rental real estate market in San Antonio

Statistics also point to a sharp rise in the rental property market in San Antonio. For instance, there has been a 13% growth in a 3-bedroom property year-on-year. Therefore, investing in rental properties in northeastern San Antonio would be a great decision. There has been a hike in rent due to several factors. Low inventory supply continues to be one of the driving factors in this regard.

Currently, San Antonio looks stable in terms of rental activities, as per the San Antonio Business Journal. Around 60% of the renters are looking for properties in a different place within the city.

Consult reputed real estate brokers before investing

As an investor, you must be aware that real estate investment should be a calculated decision. In case you are looking forward to buy, sell, rent, or lease properties in northwest San Antonio, reach out to Belmares Properties for professional assistance. We can help you make the right purchase, thanks to our extensive network and industry knowledge. Reach out to us at (210) 877-0815 or fill up this contact form, and we will respond soon!