End of Lease Cleaning Requirements for Your Rental Home

The end of lease cleaning clause requires you to clean your rented property before you move out. It is a requirement if you want to get your security deposit back and move out. It is worth noting that cleaning is one of the most common causes of disagreement between landlords and tenants. At Belmares Properties, we would like to share some insights into these requirements and how to go about meeting them.

Seek Professional Assistance

It is recommended to partner with a company that offers end-of-lease cleaning services. This will help ensure that you will be leaving the rented property in good condition. The benefits of hiring an expert are as follows:

  • They will have the right tools for the cleaning job
  • They are well-trained and experienced and will ensure that all the areas of the property are thoroughly and carefully cleaned

The goal is to leave your property in the near same condition as you rented it first.

Complete a Cleaning Checklist

Make sure to get the cleaning checklist from your landlord or their agent. It will be required to follow the cleaning checklist and ensure the property looks the same way as it was at the time you moved in. 

  • The rental property should also look and smell fresh
  • The cleaning task is best completed long before the last day of your tenancy
  • It is best to plan in advance to ensure the process goes through smoothly
  • If you will be cleaning yourself, make sure to find the right equipment and washing products

Remove All the Furniture

Make sure to remove all the furniture to ensure the cleanup is thorough. This will help ensure that you or the cleaning company will be able to spot all the dirt on the floors and walls. You can move the furniture to a friend’s house or choose storage services.

Clean Room by Room

It is recommended to clean your rooms during your tenancy. It is an important element in ensuring your comfort and wellbeing. Remember that walls and tiles that don’t get cleaned regularly can be difficult to clean when your lease ends. Still, when it comes to the end of lease cleaning, it is recommended to clean room by room. This will make the process convenient and make the process simple. 

End of lease cleaning is essential if you are serious about getting your deposit back. It is best to follow the course and avoid any disagreements. You should treat end of lease cleaning as a form of investment. It is essential to keep in mind that cleaning the property can soon become overwhelming if you do it yourself. It is best to seek professional help to ensure a smooth process.

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