San Antonio’s sizzling real estate market continues to heat up as prices climb.

Starting Sep 23, 2019 Zillow Offers Now Live in San Antonio. According to Zillow, “San Antonio is a dynamic, desirable area; more than half of the traffic to San Antonio home listings on Zillow comes from outside the market”.

Home sellers in San Antonio now have a new option when it comes to selling their homes. Starting today, San Antonio homeowners can get a cash offer from Zillow to buy their homes through Zillow Offers, avoiding the prep work and unpredictability of selling a home traditionally.

With Zillow Offers also launching today in Austin, the program is now available in the four largest Texas markets after opening in Dallas and Houston earlier this year.

Potential home sellers can check their eligibility by entering their address into To get an offer, a homeowner simply enters basic information about their home on Zillow’s website, and will receive a preliminary offer within 48 hours.

Homeowners don’t need to make repairs or updates on their homes before selling through Zillow Offers. If they accept the offer, sellers choose the closing date that fits their schedule – it can be done in as little as five days, or as many as 90 days, depending on the seller’s needs. Zillow has dedicated support from English and Spanish-speaking representatives to help walk sellers through the process.

After buying a home, Zillow will make basic repairs that a typical seller might do to prepare their home for sale, and make sure the home is safe and move-in ready for new owners. Buyers of Zillow-owned homes can be confident that they are buying a home that has been professionally renovated.